Anxiety and Fatigue

Anxiety is among the most common causes of fatigue, and is known to affect forty million adults in the US every year. In essence, anxiety fatigue refers to being afraid of imagined or real danger, which manifests itself in the form of intestinal or stomach discomfort, extreme fatigue, weakness, panic, trembling, and increased heart rate.… Read More »

Hope for the LGBT to have own Baby

Having own baby is kind of cherishing feeling which everyone’s want to enjoy. Everyone has right to have a child whether they are female and male couple or male and male couple etc. LGBT stands for Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transsexual and there are many options available for such individuals to have their own child… Read More »

Natural Cures For GERD

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease is a condition in which stomach contents leak back into the esophagus (oesophagus). This action creates irritation in the esophagus causing heartburn. As much as 65% of the general population have heartburn at any one time making this a fairly common condition. Nevertheless, suffering is not necessary as there are some quick… Read More »

Working, dosage, and side effects of Kamagra Oral Jelly!

There are many different types of erectile dysfunction problems, and most of them are moderately severe. One medicine that is capable of curing ED and is effective too is Kamagra oral jelly. This is one of the easiest and quickest treatments for the male impotence as it contains Sildenafil citrate and is mainly for oral… Read More »

Uses of taking kamagra!

First of all, get to know what kamagra is before taking knowledge of its uses and harmful effects. Kamagra is a kind of drug which comes in use when an individual is facing the issue of erectile dysfunction. If anyone is interested in knowing about what is kamagra and about its uses and side-effects, then… Read More »


Obesity and Headaches: Are They Related? Obesity is defined as excessive weight or fat accumulation that has an adverse affect on health, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). (1) Obesity can be measured by using The Body Mass Index (BMI), defined as the ratio of body weight to height. (2) A headache or cephaligia… Read More »

Atkins Diet – Does it Work? Is it Safe?

What is the Atkins Diet? The Atkins Diet is a high protein, low carbohydrate diet for weight loss and maintenance as well as good health. The diet strictly limits some foods, while allowing other foods that many other weight loss diets ban. For example, you cannot eat any refined sugar, milk, white rice, or white… Read More »

Obesity Help

Obesity:  help with the problem with pharmaceuticals A multidisciplinary approach has been advocated by healthcare professionals in order to achieve obesity help; in order to tackle the root of the problem. Pharmaceuticals have been prescribed to control and regulate the symptoms of obesity and specifically, sibutramine and orlista are routinely relied upon. Sibutramine Siburamine has… Read More »

Adding Omega 3 to Your Diet

Adding Omega 3 to Your Diet Omega 3 is still one of the most talked about ingredients to add to your diet. So many ways of getting omega 3 have been exposed besides getting it by eating fish . The number one reason for getting enough omega 3 daily is it has been shown to… Read More »

Weight loss – How to calculate my ideal weight

As a weight loss advisor in a fitness gym, it has been our policy that every new member will be assessed by me. Because of that, I have met a lot of people with different weight who have been struggling with weight loss for a long time. Some people are aware of their current weight… Read More »