I am coming to Delft by plane, what are the closest airports?

Amsterdam International airport (Schiphol) is at 30-40 minutes train from Delft. Most companies fly to this airport.

Rotterdam-The Hague airport is just five kilometers from Delft, but only a few companies fly to this airport.

Eindhoven airport is not recommendable, as it is at a more than two-hour-trip from Delft.

How do I get to Delft from Amsterdam airport (Schiphol)?

By train: 40-45 minutes. The train station is within the airport. When you exit the arrival area please follow the sign “train” (in Dutch: treinen). You will have to buy a train ticket at “train tickets and services”. You can find this office following the signs indicating “train tickets and services” opposite the meeting point (a large red-and-white checked cube). There you will see signs indicating “train tickets & services”. At the ticket window you can buy a one way ticket to Delft. Tickets can also be purchased at the automatic yellow machines close to the elevators to the train platforms (payment only by debit or credit card). A single train ticket from or to the airport costs 9.50 euros (there is no discount on return tickets).

Info about your train’s platform can be found on the display stating “departing trains”, opposite the meeting point. Please look for the destination “Delft”. The sign indicates the next train going in this direction, and whether you have to change at Leiden Central or Den Haag Hollands Spoor. It also indicates the platform number the train departs from.

To arrive at Delft Central Station you may have to change trains (either at station “Leiden Centraal” or at “Den Haag Hollands Spoor”). The escalators and elevators to the train platforms can be found in the middle of the Schiphol Plaza. Changing at “Leiden Centraal” or at “Den Haag Hollands Spoor” is not difficult; you simply go to the opposite side of the platform on which you arrived, where the train to Delft will depart. Always check the information board whether Delft is mentioned: some trains do not stop in Delft!

For pre- scheduling your train journey, please check www.ns.nl and click the link “English” in the right upper corner.

Both the city centre and the conference venue are at walking distance from Delft central station (see here for info about how to get the conference venue)

How much does a taxi from Amsterdam airport (Schiphol) to Delft cost?

Anywhere between €79 and €95 (prices vary, and these are approximate prices). From the conference venue you can ask the service point on the ground floor to call a taxi for you.

How do I get to Delft from Rotterdam-The Hague airport?

By public transport: you will first need to take bus nr. 33 to Rotterdam Central Station, which takes about 20 minutes. From there, you can take a direct train to Delft; these run every 15 minutes. See also the website of the RET (local Rotterdam transportation, in Dutch) and Dutch Rail (NS).

By taxi: it will cost around 25 euro. The telephone number to call a taxi is +31 (0)10-26 20 406.

I am driving to Delft, where can I park my car?

Parking in Delft

Visitors are advised to use the official car parks, such as the one in Zuidpoort (see parkingdelft), which is at only a few minutes’ walk both from the old city center and the conference venue. To find the car parks, just follow the signs to P-route Centrum. The rates are €2.00 per hour and €12.00 per day. The parking fee has to be paid when you collect your car. The parking spaces in the streets of Delft are clearly marked. Find a parking metre and get a ticket after parking your car. The cheapest option is to park your car in the University area. You might have to search for a space, but since the University is outside the city center, parking there is free.

Parking at TU Delft Campus (conference venue)

Parking at TU Delft is free in the designated parking lots. There is a free parking lot right behind the TBM building (conference venue). However, It may be difficult to find a space there, especially in the morning.


Where is the conference taking place?

The conference will take place at the Campus of Delft university of Technology (TU Delft). The campus is located at walking distance from the city centrum (see next question on how to get there). The conference will be hosted by the faculty TBM (English spelling: TPM), Jaffalaan 5, 2628 BX, Delft (building 31), map here .

Keynote lectures will be held in the TBM-Collegezaal A (ground floor). There will be signs to the rooms at the entrance of the building. You may also ask the service point at the entrance for information.

Parallel presentations will be held in rooms H, I, and J on the first floor. There will be signs to the conference rooms at the entrance of the building. You may also ask the service point at the entrance for information.

How do I get to the conference venue?

The TBM building is within the Campus of Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), (address: Jaffalaan 5, 2628 BX, Delft (building 31), map here).

The building is at 20-25 minutes walk from Delft central station and the city centre. You may also take a bus (please check lines and timetables here), or a taxi (cost approximately 10-15 euros from the central station or city centre).
Please note that no one normally refers to the campus buildings by their addresses, so if you happen to ask passersby for directions you’d better just refer to the “(Technical) University Campus” (if you are still outside it) or to the “TBM (or TPM) building” (once in the campus).


– Medical/Police/Fire: 112

– Philosophy Department (secretariaat): +31 (0)15 27 83887
– Nicole Vincent: +31(0)6 5436 3692
– Filippo Santoni: +31 (0)6 1967 7911
– Philip Robichaud: +31 (0)6 2729 1221


Where is the room of my presentation?

All presentations will be held at Delft campus, TBM building (English spelling: TPM) (for info on how to get to the building see here), first floor, rooms H, I, and J. Please check the program (here)to know the room your presentation. There will be signs to the conference rooms at the entrance of the building. You may also ask the Service Point at the entrance of the buildings. Please go to the room five minutes before the beginning of your section to upload you presentation on the room pc, etc.

Can I use a powerpoint, do I have to bring my laptop, etc.?

All conference rooms are equipped with a PC connected to a projector, so you can simply bring your presentation on an USB stick. If you prefer, you may also use your own laptop (if you use a Mac, you will need to bring an adaptor to connect it to the projector). In any case, please make sure that you are at the room of your presentation some minutes before the beginning of the session, in order to arrange these technical aspects.

How long is my talk supposed to be?

You will have a 45 minute time-slot. You are free to decide how long your presentation will be. However, we recommend that you leave at least 10-15 minutes for questions and discussion (that is, your presentation should be not longer than 30-35 minutes).