Cognitive Enhancement Conference

When: August 13-15, 2014
Where: Jaffalaan 5, TU Delft, Delft, The Netherlands
Contact: [email protected]

Theme: Just as some medications can enhance physical performance (e.g. of athletes), others allegedly enhance mental performance (e.g. wakefulness, attention, and clarity of thought), and reports from around the world suggest that the use of drugs like methylphenidate and modafinil for cognitive enhancement purposes is on the rise. In addition to surveying what putative cognitive enhancement technologies exist, this conference will interrogate a range of related scientific, legal, political, moral, and personal questions.

Book Proposal: Presenters are invited to submit chapters for an interdisciplinary edited volume entitled “Cognitive Enhancement and The Law”. High quality chapters will be included in our submission to Oxford University Press for their high profile Neuroscience, Law, and Philosophy series.

Keynote Presenters: Roshan Cools (Radboud), Tom Douglas (Oxford), Masud Husain (Oxford), Neil Levy (Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health; Oxford), Reinhard Merkel(Hamburg), Jan Schildmann (Ruhr-Universität), and Ilina Singh (King’s College London).


Final program (pdf)
Program Abstracts


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All attendees must register for the event. Fees for the entire conference are €225 for faculty and postdocs and €130 for students. Fees for day delegates are €130 for faculty and postdocs and €80 for students. Please register before July 15th to avoid a late-registration fee increase of 30%. Registration on-the-day will also be available at a 50% fee increase.

Conference registration fees include conference materials, coffee, and drinks. The conference dinner on Thursday, August 14th is not included in the registration fee. A ticket for the dinner may be purchased separately on the registration page.