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Obesity and Headaches: Are They Related? Obesity is defined as excessive weight or fat accumulation that has an adverse affect on health, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). (1) Obesity can be measured by using The Body Mass Index (BMI), defined as the ratio of body weight to height. (2) A headache or cephaligia… Read More »

Atkins Diet – Does it Work? Is it Safe?

What is the Atkins Diet? The Atkins Diet is a high protein, low carbohydrate diet for weight loss and maintenance as well as good health. The diet strictly limits some foods, while allowing other foods that many other weight loss diets ban. For example, you cannot eat any refined sugar, milk, white rice, or white… Read More »

Obesity Help

Obesity:  help with the problem with pharmaceuticals A multidisciplinary approach has been advocated by healthcare professionals in order to achieve obesity help; in order to tackle the root of the problem. Pharmaceuticals have been prescribed to control and regulate the symptoms of obesity and specifically, sibutramine and orlista are routinely relied upon. Sibutramine Siburamine has… Read More »

Adding Omega 3 to Your Diet

Adding Omega 3 to Your Diet Omega 3 is still one of the most talked about ingredients to add to your diet. So many ways of getting omega 3 have been exposed besides getting it by eating fish . The number one reason for getting enough omega 3 daily is it has been shown to… Read More »

Weight loss – How to calculate my ideal weight

As a weight loss advisor in a fitness gym, it has been our policy that every new member will be assessed by me. Because of that, I have met a lot of people with different weight who have been struggling with weight loss for a long time. Some people are aware of their current weight… Read More »

Effective Diets To get rid of Your Abdominal fat

There are a number of men and women these days who’re looking for ways to effectively slim down, especially with society‘s growing awareness toward the benefits of healthier living. In terms of losing weight, the stomach area is regarded as the problematic. There are numerous of weight loss diets nowadays a lot of people can… Read More »

Utilizing Acupuncture For Weight Loss

Acupuncture weight loss became popular in The year 2003 when CNN reported testimonials through weight loss clinics within The far east. The far east offers experienced a rise in obesity using the introduction and interest in Western diet choices. Acupuncture for weight loss works by inserting thin clean and sterile needles in specific factors on… Read More »

What Is the Best Way to Lose Weight on a Diet

What is the best way to lose weight on the diet is a very common question that many dieters are seeking solutions to. There is no rocket science or secret when it comes to slimming down, you just need to consume a easy plan that actually works and if you are perseverance, you’re going to… Read More »

Ringing Ear Treatment: Managing Tinnitus

Tinnitus is the name given to a constant ringing in the ears. However, just as there is no single cause for this condition, there is also no single ringing ear treatment available to give relief from the distracting sounds. Ringing Ear Treatment Reducing Symptoms Treatments are instead aimed at reducing the severity of ringing, with… Read More »

Ibogaine Treatment

Ibogaine Treatment is the most effective and painless way to detoxoff of opiate based drugs such as Oxycontin, Lortab, and other pain killers and has proven affective for cocaine, methamphetimine, and to a lessor extent alcohol. Ibogaine basically blocks the carving to use drugs while eliminating virtually all withdrawal symptoms. Ibogaine breaks down in the… Read More »