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New Year resolutions are pretty common at this time of the year. Many people start the year with the aim of addressing most of the flaws which characterized their just concluded year. Common resolutions include vows by people that in the new year they will cut down on the volume of chocolates and junk meals which they consume. Sometimes people succeed in their bid. Other times they fail after the first couple of weeks.

In analyzing the reasons behind the varied success rates with new year resolutions, experts blame it on a multitude of factors. One of these is embarking on a resolution that is really difficult to keep. read more

Understanding Your Birth Control Options

Birth control is, in basic terms, the prevention of the fertilized egg from implanting in the woman’s uterus and starting to grow, or the prevention of a man’s sperm from arriving at and entering a woman’s egg. There are a variety of different ways to describe birth control. These terms include fertility control, birth control contraception, pregnancy prevention, and family planning.

Sexually active people can choose from an array of methods to reduce the possibility of becoming pregnant. It is best to learn about birth control as much as you can, before choosing the right method for you. You can use many forms of birth control such as the birth control patch, IUDs, birth control shots, sponge, the pill, and the birth control ring. Condoms are always a great choice and should also be used along with birth control methods to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. read more

Seven tips to reduce the risk of cancer

1. Do not use any tobacco products. Tobacco is a well known carcinogen that significantly increases the risk of cancer. Tobacco has been known to be responsible for cancer of lung,bladder, kidney, cervix, oral cavity and pancreas. Mare exposure to tobacco smoke increases the chance of cancer.

Avoiding tobacco or quitting its use is a crucial decision towards a healthy lifestyle. If you need help quitting tobacco use consult your doctor about products and strategies that aid in the process of quitting. read more

Insomnia Relief

Insomnia relief can be extremely difficult to find, whether it is short term relief of an occasional bout of sleeplessness, or the relief of a long standing condition. The condition will often seem to be worse than it really is, as there is no escape from the boredom and the endless watching of the clock wondering why your body will not do what it is designed to do, and what thousands of other bodies do as of routine throughout the world every night. Relief is hard to come by, but there are ways to achieve this. read more

Foods that Aggravate Migraines

Migraines are an ordeal, with symptoms ranging from dizziness to nausea to vomiting. These horrible headaches tend to occur unannounced and may last for up to 72 hours in some cases! Other than the less common triggers such as menstruation, dehydration, exhaustion, etc, knowledge of thefoods that aggravate migraines is important in avoiding their onset.

1. Tyramine

This amino acid (building blocks of proteins) is found in a variety of different foods, and is one of the most common yet unseen migraine aggravator. Fermented and processed cheeses, processed meat, bacon, ham, soy products, olives, pickles, dried food, and even fruits which become over ripe have sufficient amounts of tannin to bring about a migraine. An important aspect to remember with proteins is that the more they age or ferment, the higher cialis 5mg their amount of tyramine. Thus, it is advisable for people prone to migraines to avoid eating left-overs as well, especially if they are not stored properly. read more

Family Dinner

As a busy working mother with a hectic schedule, it is a challenge to always focus on healthy eating. Personally always watched what I was eating and tried hard to exercise to set a good example. As they got older, I realized I wasn’t doing enough, but I didn’t have the time to make drastic changes. One night, at a rare family dinner, my daughter declared, “Wow, this is so nice that we are eating as a family like other normal families do.”

When my kids were little, I thought it was important for them to eat dinner early, and not wait till later when my husband and I would eat. Sometimes I would come home in the middle of their dinner and go about my chores instead of joining the table. One of the biggest reasons for not wanting to join was the smorgasbord of kid food on the table. I loved all their kid food but knew it was not great for my waistline. Macaroni and cheese, pizza, fries and chicken fingers… my favorite foods, but not necessarily the best choices to maintain a healthy diet. So why was it okay for them to eat those foods but not okay for me? It wasn’t! If I was trying to act as a role model for healthy eating, it meant that I had to participate in family meals! read more

Body Contouring

Liposuction is used to remove local fat accumulation, when there are no other methods available to lose unwanted fat and achieve the body you’ve always desired.

Tumescent (vacuum) is a type of liposuction performed to remove fat accumulation under local anesthesia with the use of a micro-cannula. This type of liposuction is widely used in plastic surgery, as it causes fewer complications and makes the overall recovery faster. With tumescent liposuction, the technology uses saline with lidocaine and epinephrine, providing local anesthesia. Under the influence of the solution, adipose tissue softens and makes the process of pumping easier. Tumescent liposuction causes less bleeding, bruising, and post-operative scars. read more

Uterus Infertility

The uterus has to be healthy and the uterine lining or endometrial lining needs to be good and thick to help conception to occur and maintain. If the uterus has problems it can cause uterus infertility.

The role the uterus plays in the reproductive cycle is to not only house the pregnancy, but to provide a rich lining that regenerates each cycle, that helps to nourish and cushion a fertilized egg. This is necessary for implantation to take place.

In the reproductive cycle, if no fertilized egg burrows into the lining, the hormones of the body signals the uterus to shed the lining, thus bringing on a new menstrual cycle, where the lining is built back up over a one week time frame once the bleeding is done. read more

Nutrition for Anxiety and Foods for Anxiety Tips

Making changes to diet is known to have significant results in decreasing anxiety attacks. To combine foods good for relieving anxiety with daily workouts will, in addition to aid in reducing anxiety, put an individual on the path to a necessary healthy life.

Consuming the appropriate food for helping with anxiety will aid in facilitating proper brain functions as well as providing better stress management. There will also be more energy, replacing the negative effects of too much nervous energy or depression. read more

Infertility Solutions To Common Fertility Issues

Even though infertility affects many women, normally the infertility solutions are very common, read more on viagra femme
.  A physician will want to see a woman try to conceive at least a year before testing for any infertility problems or pursing more aggressive measures to help conception happen.  If a woman is over 35 they may shorten the time down to six or even three months.

Most Common Solutions for Infertility:

Below are the top five most common treatments for fertility issues:

Fertility charting. That almost sounds too simple, but a good fertility chart can show a lot of possible reasons for infertility. The key is to chart for at least three months to see patterns in the cycle. Generally the monthly cycle will stay the same each month. Chart basal body temperatures, cervical fluid and cervical position. Temperatures that are too high or too low indicates hormonal problems. The absence of ovulation on the chart indicates there may be other issues that need to be corrected. The absence of fertile quality cervical fluid may be helped by simply using a sperm friendly lubricant. By seeing the results of the fertility charts a physician will better know where to further test and possibly where to begin treatment. read more