Presentations will address such questions as:

SCIENCE (e.g. psychology, neuroscience, pharmacology, medicine):
• Do any of these cognitive enhancers actually work?
• If so, precisely what kind and degree of effects do they have?
• How do they achieve those effects — i.e. through what mechanisms?
• What might be their short- and long-term (side-)effects?
• Why do people use cognitive enhancers?
• What is the social perception of cognitive enhancement and of enhanced people?

• How should society regulate cognitive enhancers? Should they perhaps be banned?
• Might we be negligent if we fail to use cognitive enhancers in some circumstances?
• Should cognitively enhanced people be held to a higher standard of care?

• Is it fair if some people enhance themselves while others do not (have access to enhancers)?
• Ought anyone be permitted to enhance themselves if this pressures others to do likewise?
• Are we less praiseworthy for accomplishments attained while cognitively enhanced?
• Does cognitive enhancement threaten authenticity or the self?
• How do problems about cognitive enhancement compare to problems of doping in sports?